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Dpi suggestions for g502 setup pc message board for pc. Choosing the best gaming mouse is the key to unlocking your true competitive potential. Purchase protection amazon app download amazon assistant download help. The software for this mouse isnt bundled, and i had to download it from. I want to buy one of these two mouse but i cant decide. Or, set up onebutton triggers for actions that typically require digging into menus. Buy logitech g302 daedalus prime moba gaming mouse online at low price in india on. I dont know if its because logitech opted for less rubberized coating to reduce the weight, but when compared to the avior 8200, the g303 just doesnt compare. I have a quite big hands and there is no way to test these 2 mice out for me. The g303 was made for fps players who swipe really fast in games like cs. Logitech implements the highperformance sensor found in its g502 proteus core in this one.

Logitech g pro series gaming gear for esports professionals. Hello guys i want to know if anyone using the g502 for csgo. The build quality on the g303 is certainly not the best, and does feel like its going to take a beating in the next couple of years, perhaps even months. Logitech g502 proteus spectrum tunable gaming mouse. This product is 100% worth for its money and who wants to buy a mouse for the games like csgo,pubg which are most likely fps games this mouse is perfect as it varied from 20012000 dpi it is the best for switching to rifle modes to sniping modes and you can also manually set your dpi in. It supposedly has the best sensor on the market, but considering every pro csgo player doesnt use one, i dont think that matters as much as people think when compared to some of the other leading optical mice. Six programmable buttons customized to your style of gameplay achieve great results with the default configuration straight out of the box. If you are min maxing and want the absolute best possible performance while competitively gaming, then i would say the g303. Logitech g303 daedalus apex performance edition gaming mouse designed for the performance gaming enthusiast daedalus apex was designed based on feedback from the performance gaming community. Pmw3366 is the best sensor on the market and has other features like adjustable lift off distance and surface calibration. This sensor has no acceleration or angle snapping that cant be disabled and has a native dpi. Youve got all the power of your pc just sitting there, and you need a suitably speedy rodent to make sure.

Raw input ptr spd polling rate mouse mousepad acilion. Personally i dont think my hand are big maybe its just a small mouse eather way i started to get cramp in the middle of my hand at first i thought it was just cramp but after 4 or 5 days of feeling quite uncomfortable playing games and losing i went back to using my razer death adder and it felt like such a relief similar feeling to when you. Some settings require logitech gaming software available for download at our official. The discord and gamesense engine apps allow for chat notifications, ingame events, and more.

Logitech g wireless gaming mice were the first to be used in professional cs. In terms of performance, the mouse is frequently compared to the deathadder elite. The gaming mouse was popular in the past and the company says it will therefore release a new version. By saving your preferences to the onboard memory using g hub you can use it on another pc with no need to install software or reconfigure your settings. Because it is possible to operate and adjust to any surface. When comparing razer deathadder elite vs logitech g303, the slant community recommends razer deathadder elite for most people. The g303, along with the logitech g502 and g900 and the corsair m65 pro rgb, has the single best sensor on the market, the pixart pmw3366. Just as logitech replaced the simple sensor on the g302 with an optical sensor similar to the g502 proteus core which has a better level of.

Its a bit small for my hand but that its not the only problem. This is the next version upgraded and improved from logitech g502, a product that has been known in the gaming world for a long time. Logitech g502 proteus spectrum rgb tunable wired gaming. Hello guys, ive seen some people like me, want to script no recoil for logitech mouse in bf4 well, ive tried a script from someone used to be for ace 23 and i think, why not try for another weapon. Adjusting the mass and balance isnt the g502s only trick. Final thoughts on the 3 main gaming mice from logitech 20142015. List of player mouse settings liquipedia counterstrike wiki. For browsing, work, mmo etc the g502 is a lot more comfortable. Logitech g502 proteus spectrum vs logitech g303 detailed. The mouse retains its original shape but will receiv. The gaming mouse of champions the hyperion fury sensor allows a precision that no other gaming mouse can deliver. Designed with the help of the worlds leading esports professionals.

Looks like jb hifi have dropped the price of the logitech daedalus apex g303 performance gaming mouse. For l4d2 and csgo, the logitech g900 performed excellently. G502 vs g303 for csgo hi i currently have a g502 and have the option to switch to the g303 for no charge is it worth it. Basically, logitech g502 proteus spectrum still carries with you the powerful features inherent in the old version, including the sleek sleek design, extremely unique design with 11 function keys.

I had the g502 for a year and tried the g302g303 but it was only comfortable while playing lol and csgo. Logitech g302 vs g303 gaming mouse showdown youtube. G303 daedalus apex is pretuned for logitech gaming mouse pads, g240 and g440. The g502s sensor is capable of tracking at a sensitivity of 12,000 dpi without any of the issues hardcore mouse fans worry about, like. Go setups 2020 of 298 professional players from 67 best teams worlwide. I used g502 before, really liked the sensor, but not the weight so i was. I can have a few options of preset dpi what numbers should i set to switch between. I aint going to rely on logitechs laboratory environment testing, therefore i will wait a month and. Based on this feedback, logitech put its highestperforming optical sensor and metal spring button tensioning system into a lightweight, compact body. For moba, fps, and 3rd person shooters and a general usage dpi. Steelseries engine software unlocks an impressive arsenal of engine apps that make customization of the 8zone rgb lighting easy and intuitive. The most important reason people chose razer deathadder elite is. You can imagine please still use a mouse pad, not a sheet of paper.

The logitech g303 gaming mouse does not feature logitechs. For example, it allows a document to change page without effort. Logitech g403 prodigy wired gaming mouse with high. If you game and want a great mouse to use all the time, i would say g502. There is reason you see top pro gamers in the biggest esport games such as cs go and lol using the g303.

Lets see how the newer g303 stacks up against the g302. Yes, but with the g303 they paired the best available sensor with a loose lense which made the whole mouse worthless. Logitech buffs up the g302 to create the g303 daedalus apex gaming mouse. So if you can get a g303 without a loose sensor, its a great mouse.

The logitech g502 proteus spectrum is a high performing gaming mouse, tailored to fit the playstyle of every gamer. Slant razer deathadder elite vs logitech g303 detailed. When you take your g300s with you, your custom settings come along. The g502 is like a luxury sportscar and the g303 is the enthusiasts sports car. I have many logitech 3366 mice used in the past to compare with g502, g303, g403 wireless, g900, g pro. Visit logitech to find the perfect wireless or wired computer mice to enhance your productivity or unleash your creativity. My current mouse is a mouse that u get with a cheap keyboard and its small, like the g303 i can use it so maybe that can be a comp.

I finally made myself upgrade my setup and get rid of my crappy chinese flimsy mouse. Logitech g303 daedalus apex gmg mse designed for performance gaming enthusiasts, daedalus apexs advanced optical sensor has maximum tracking accuracy up to 12,000dpi. Im now using a logitech g303 as my main mouse instead. Player team edpi dpi sensitivity zoom yaw inverted accel.

That gives the g303 a mammoth 20012,000 dpi sensor thats able to handle acceleration of 40g from 20 and max speed of 300 inchespersecond from 120. Slant logitech g602 vs logitech g303 detailed comparison. Tsm csgo reveal how they used the g303 daedalus apex to help turn their season around. When comparing logitech g502 proteus spectrum vs logitech g303, the slant community recommends logitech g303 for most people. Buy logitech g303 daedalus apex rgb gaming mouse game. Buy logitech g402 hyperion fury wired gaming mouse, 4, 000 dpi, lightweight, 8 programmable buttons, compatible with pcmac black online at low price in india on.

Razer deathadder elite is ranked 3rd while logitech g303 is ranked 18th. If it should be one of them two i would recommened the g502. The g402 offers an impressive fluidity when doing small hand movements, pixel by pixel or when doing an aggressive move, for instance if an enemy surprises you and you need to turn around in the blink of an eye. Go where the am010 sensor would malfunction at these high speeds. The logitech gaming software home page is displayed showing an image of your gaming device.

I had the g502 for a year and tried the g302 g303 but it was only comfortable while playing lol and csgo. The right mouse is the most critical weapon in your pcgaming arsenal. Go pro settings the best sensitivity, config, crosshair, mouse, monitor, keyboard, headset and setup used by professional gamers. After switching back and forth between the g303 and g pro, i would say the end result is that i have a better performance and confidence level with the g303. When comparing logitech g602 vs logitech g303, the slant community recommends logitech g303 for most people. Logitech buffs up the g302 to create the g303 daedalus. A design difference between the g302 and the g303 is that logitech changed the rubber cable in the g302 to a braided cloth cable in the g303 as well as the additional 2 mouse feet on both sides on the bottom of the g303. From choosing the ideal shape, weight, and controls to.

Csgo and logitech g502 hello guys i want to know if anyone using the g502 for csgo. The low latency and accurate tracking made tearing off the heads of zombies and terrorists alike a. I want to know if only me i have problem with that mouse. Before you decide to buy a new gaming mouse for cs. I am global and would like to get into competitive csgo and just asking around for opinions, dont bother mentioning the final mouse or the zowie fk2 i would love to get them but dont have the money for either of them. To complete my setup all i need is a good gaming mice that can keep up with csgo flicks. Well, it seems that razer has also decided to make some mild upgrades to the deathadder elite and it is not a big departure from its predecessor. G303 daedalus apex gaming mouse, logitech g502 proteus spectrum rgb. The nature of csgo is very chokepointoriented with linear progression. I just got the new razer lancehead in today which has the 16,000 dpi 3389 sensor in it so i will report back on how it feels after i get a chance to play with it.

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