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Yesterday, blizzard shared the first image of actor dominic cooper captain america, need for speed as king llane, the leader of the alliance city of stormwind and his character in the upcoming warcraft movie. Durotan warcraft movie 2016 by sadecekaan on deviantart. A detailed casting breakdown of the heroes and villains of the upcoming warcraft film. Reign of chaos 2002, sarah kerrigan from starcraft ii. In the game, garona is halforc and halfdraenei, aged by guldan, while in the movie she is halfhuman instead.

The acting in warcraft is mediocre at best, but the cgi is out of this world. Instead of killing her however, medivh allowed garona to return as a messenger between himself and guldan. In the movie, anduin lothar is shown as king llanes brotherinlaw, brother to the queen, lady taria and uncle to the future king varian wrynn. This is a game for pc by blizzard that features many of the heroes and villains from their franchises, including warcraft, starcraft, diablo, and overwatch, in a. Based on the video game series of the same name, the film stars travis fimmel, paula patton, ben foster, dominic cooper, toby kebbell, ben schnetzer, robert kazinsky, clancy brown, and daniel wu. Warcraft film wowpedia your wiki guide to the world of warcraft. We break down the key players in the warcraft movie, catching. Anduin lothar warcraft movie, world of warcraft, travis fimmel warcraft, maggies plan. However, the movie still teased us a wide variety of races that we never really met. At blizzcon, director duncan jones revealed the warcraft movie characters, including travis fimmels anduin lothar, paula pattons garona, and more. Not having played the game, im surprised i liked this movie so much. Garona movie anduin lothar movie callan lothar durotan movie goel movie blackhand movie medivh movie guldan movie.

Year 2016 warcraft movie series 6 inch tall figure guldan with points of. Warcraft 2 official teaser trailer 2019 marvel media. Many details of garonas story are altered for the movie, but the plot does not lose sight of her personalitya survivor and outcast. Chieftain of the frostwolf clan, durotan will do whatever it takes to find a home for his people. By the time the film meets him, guldan is slaying thousands to open the. A whos who of the heroes of the warcraft movie gizmodo. Warcraft cast and crew cast photos and info fandango. Warcraft 2, warcraft, 2, warcraft 2 trailer, warcraft 2 full movie in hindi dubbed, warcraft 2 full movie, warcraft 2 movie, warcraft 216 trailer, warcraft 216, warcraft. Warcraft movie characters revealed at blizzcon images. Warcraft is a highly entertaining fantasy film with an abrupt beginning without.

Supported by the fierce fighter blackhand, guldan organizes the orc clans into a conquering army called the horde. New warcraft movie posters show off all the characters gamespot. Legendarys warcraft is a 3d epic adventure of worldcolliding conflict based upon blizzard entertainments globallyrenowned universe. These shots come from our friend reza lackey, who is at blizzcon today, where duncan jones is presenting warcraft to fans of blizzards original game. The warcraft movie is primarily based on the first game created by blizzard, subtitled orcs vs. Orc character npc, tauren character npc voice david boat. Sadly, warcraft isnt going to be the film that becomes the blueprint for video game movies moving forward, but it is at least a solid step towards that eventuality.

Russell ira crowe was born in wellington, new zealand. During blizzcon 2014, many iconic warcraft characters were revealed to be a part of the movie. Garona leads the humans to spy on the orc camp, where they learn of guldans plan to bring the horde to azeroth. Leading the alliance is travis fimmel as anduin lothar, a war hero who sacrificed everything to keep the people of azeroth safe. This article contains information and lore exclusive to the warcraft film universe. At blizzcon, director duncan jones revealed the warcraft movie characters, including travis fimmels anduin lothar, paula pattons garona.

While she is still viewed by an outcast by the horde in game. No matter what character i play, whether it be a pickle farmer or a character based on a video game, i try to find how their journey is my journey. Meet the cast and characters of the warcraft movie gamespot. Guldan is one of the darkest characters on the hordes side of the. Uniting to protect azeroth from these hulking invaders are king llane, the mighty. Wings of liberty 2010, arthas menethil from warcraft iii. Reign of chaos 2002 and tracer from overwatch 2016.

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