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Rickon stark foster brother theon greyjoy is a fictional character in the a song of ice and fire series of fantasy novels by american author george r. Theon greyjoy is tortured to such a degree, that he takes on a completely new persona, the character of reek, one that has been entirely constructed in the mould set by his suffering. Buy theon greyjoy reek game of thrones pin enamel pins for backpacks hat pins funny pins meme pins cool pins cute pins button pins. Theon greyjoy thought that after escaping winterfell, hed get rid of ramsay for good. Theon greyjoy has gone through quite a transformation in game of thrones and the books its based on, but there are still many mysteries. While not even main charactersare safe, as we all know, i dont think he is going to be killed by stannis as some have theorized. His eldest siblings are rodrik, maron, and asha named yara in the tv series. During a scene in the crypts of winterfell in the books, theon sees a reference to theon stark, and remarks that he was named for the ancient king in the north. That would be the ultimate way to kill reek, to reclaim his name, and take back his identity. Ramsay boltontheon greyjoyreek works archive of our own. Theon greyjoy is described as being an arrogant nineteenyearold at the start of a game of thrones, with black hair and a cocky grin.

Ramsay then succeeds at pretending to be reek in winterfell while everyone else thinks the murdered reek was ramsay all along. At the end of greyjoy s rebellion, theon was taken to winterfell as a hostage and ward to lord eddard stark. He befriends theon greyjoy,offers him a way out of his castle siege. Theon is introduced as the hostage and ward of lord eddard stark, stemming from the failed greyjoy rebellion. All the ways game of thrones ramsay bolton is way worse in the books. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Prince theon greyjoy is the fourth and youngest child of lord balon greyjoy, ruler of the iron islands, and his wife lady alannys.

How old was theon greyjoy when he was brought to winterfell. Theon greyjoy is portrayed magnificently by alfie allen. Ramsay and reek book version reek game of thrones, a. When bran and rickon stark apparently escape winterfell, reek advises theon to kill two young boys and pass their bodies off as those. Theon reek greyjoy quotes from the books and tv show. The reaction of his haters has been interestingly polarized. Martin, and its television adaptation game of thrones. Theon is the youngest son of balon greyjoy and the heir to the iron islands. At the dreadfort, theon begs the cleaning boy now revealed to be ramsay snow to kill him and end his suffering. Reek was a ramsay snow human pet,whos death he uses to escape the starks justice.

Before the events of the books his father leads a rebellion against the throne and declares the iron islands independence. Now im not saying that theon didnt deserve a littleeeeee bit of torture for being an insufferable pita for the first few seasons of game of thrones but flaying off his ahem favorite toy is a low blow, even for game of thrones torture standards for this recipe, well be flaying off a bit of theon for ourselves and oneuping ramsays pork sausage with brats of our own. The rise and fall of theon then comes to a point where he must shed the persona of reek. Inspired designs on tshirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Reek i first of his name is executed in ramsays place.

All the ways game of thrones ramsay bolton is way worse. Although the detention and torture starts in the previous books, it is in a dance with dragons that it takes on a completely new meaning and effect. Balon greyjoy and his daughter yara asha in the books receive a parcel, a special gift, and a mysterious letter, sealed by what looks like piece of skin and house boltons flayed man sigil. George rr martin cool art my books nerd fandoms fan art songs my favorite things fanart. Reek continues to deny that he is theon, until sansa accuses him of betraying her family, and reminds him that he is theon greyjoy, son and heir of balon greyjoy. May only be fielded in an army that includes ramsey snow, and must be attached to his unit ignoring the usual attachment restrictions. All spoilers theon greyjoy and reek, book question. As theon got older, and the game of thrones became more complicated, theon struggled with his identity and with where his loyalties lay.

Theon has nothing to do until much much later, so its a way to keep him on screen. Theon, the castrated viking history behind game of thrones. Ramsay agreed, in a sense, deciding to kill theon greyjoy in. He is the younger brother of rodrik, maron, and asha greyjoy. Theres our guy bending the knee to his sister despite the fact that he himself is the true heir. Telling theon to execute ser rodrik for spitting at him comes from aeron greyjoy telling theon to kill benfred tallhart for the same reason. Theon greyjoy is a member of house greyjoy and is the sole surviving son and heir apparent of balon greyjoy, lord of the iron islands.

Feel free to answer these question or write your own impressions and thoughts on theon. In mhysa, we learn that ramsay snow had him and the other ironborn flayed. After dying at the battle of the bastards, ramsays ghost now haunts theon and with the greyjoy s help, plans to exact his revenge on the two who had taken his life. And right now theon is one of the most hated characters in the show, second only to joffs. Theon greyjoy was the youngest son of balon greyjoy,lord of the iron islands when theon was very young balon rebelled against king robert baratheon starting the war which claimed the lives of theon,s two elder brothers rodrik and maron. Reek tries very hard throughout the book to remember that he is not permitted to remain theon greyjoy, and in order to ensure that further. In the books, theon is taken captive by ramsay in book 2, and between books 3 and 4 is only represented by a piece of his skin delivered to robb and catelyn stark at the red wedding. Its implied fairly strongly in the books that ramsay has cut off theon s, uh, little ironborn. Comment by luthofds the flavor text is a reference to theon greyjoy from the a song of ice and fire book series. What are the differences between reek in the game of. Theon greyjoys flayed sausage the starving chef blog.

He is known to be almost as cruel as ramsay, and is also a necrophile. Pretty much the only people who dont accept theon to be wangless are those who actively chose to believe otherwise in the face of overwhelming textual evidence, the jaime parallel, and the show episode written by grrm where it is spelled out for the show audience which generally speaking is a little slower than the book reader. He is the only surviving son of lord balon greyjoy and lady alannys harlaw. Not to be confused with ramsay snow or theon greyjoy, who have both gone by the name reek at some point.

Theon finally pledges allegiance to his sister yara someone he also formerly betrayed and publicly recognizes her as the true heir to house greyjoy. Theon is a greyjoy of the iron islands, but his namesake is actually a stark, or so he claims. Its where your interests connect you with your people. What on earth is game of thrones doing to theon greyjoy. This is a fan page for theon greyjoy, formerly know as reek, from hbos series game of thrones and grrms book series a song of ice and fire. Takes on much of reek s actually a disguised ramsay snow role from the book. And today id like to talk about probably the single most misunderstood and frankly, human character in the entire series. He continues to play the role of reek, saying that his real name is heke. Theon turncloak the squid prince reek theon kinslayer the prince of stink.

Reek whose real name may be heke is an unseen character in a song of ice and fire. Ramsay had a man at arms from his fathers men named reek for company from a young age. Things you never knew about theon and reek screenrant. Those of you that have sailed under her, and there are many of you here, you know what she is. Theon greyjoy is a fictional character in the a song of ice and fire series of fantasy novels by. Prince theon greyjoy is the fourth and youngest child of lord balon greyjoy, ruler. These are intended to spur discussion, and the users of rasoiaf shouldnt feel compelled to answer them if they dont wish to theon greyjoy is cited as a character that many readers have come to. Theon greyjoy, son of the late balon greyjoy and brother to yara greyjoy of the iron islands, died on sunday evening in the battle of winterfell between the living. He is the sole surviving son of balon greyjoy, lord later king of the iron islands. During the capture of winterfell by theon greyjoy, his men find ramsay, still posing as reek, in the dungeons. Theon was the heir to the iron islands, though his father favored asha, theon s older sister. Theon is forced to take on the guise of reek, the name of ramsays late serving man. Prince theon greyjoy was the youngest son of king balon greyjoy of the iron islands and the younger brother of rodrik, maron, and yara greyjoy.

From yaraasha to dalton and vicatrion, these are all the things in a song of ice and fire that game of thrones cut about house greyjoy. The flavor text is a reference to theon grayjoy from the song of ice and fire books. Shop top fashion brands safety pins at free delivery and returns possible on eligible purchases. Theon increasingly relies on the wretched creature, even going so far as accepting his suggestion to fake the deaths of bran and rickon stark.

Theon greyjoy is played by alfie allen in the television adaptation of the series of books. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Alfie allen plays the role of theon greyjoy in the television series theon greyjoy is played by alfie allen in the television adaptation of the series of books season 1 edit. Game of thrones house greyjoy characters tv tropes. He is the personal servant and childhood friend of ramsay snow as well. When balon lost the war robert punished him by making him. On the books he is far more of a developed character and we get a better. After eddards execution, theon initially pledged his loyalty to robb stark, in the subsequent war of the five kings. What the hell is game of thrones doing with theon greyjoy s arc. The trouble with theon greyjoy game of thrones season 3. In the books, ramsay uses that identity to sneak into winterfell while theon s running the place, becoming reek ii.

His nickname comes from his extreme stench and is said to never bathe. Ramsey begins to use his pet as a tool for advancement. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. The rise and fall of theon then comes to a point where he must shed the persona of reek to try and do something brave for a. Prince theon greyjoy is a major character in the a song of ice and fire and its tv adaptation game of thrones. Lord roose bolton thinks he and ramsay corrupted each. Im not him, im not the turncloak, he died at winterfell. Ramsay warns balon to withdraw his troops from the north or else more boxes will follow with more theon. What are the differences between reek in the game of thrones tv. Ramsays torture of theon got so unbearable that theon begged to be killed. Lady yara greyjoy is the lady of the iron islands and lady reaper of pyke, the daughter and last surviving child of balon greyjoy, and older sister and only surviving sibling of theon greyjoy. Theon greyjoy was my favorite character on game of.

At the end of greyjoys rebellion, theon was taken to winterfell as a hostage and ward to lord eddard stark. Thereafter, its an undercover that ramsay sometimes uses. Theon greyjoy is a major character in the book series a song of ice and fire and its television series adaptation game of thrones. Following his fathers failed rebellion against the iron throne, theon was taken as a ward initially hostage to lord eddard stark. Ramsay acquires a powerful aphrodisiac, which does not bode well for.

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